Healing Benefits of Iceland's Blue Lagoon

This healing geothermal spa is a turquoise jewel, nestled in the black lava fields of Iceland, less than an hour from its capital city, Reykjavik.  Since opening in 1986, this has become one of the most visited sites in Iceland with many going their to seek its healing properties, especially for skin conditions, such as, psoriasis.  The facility is also used for research to help find cures for other skin disorders. 


Now to demystify the lagoon, as it is man-made, supplied by the water from a geothermal power plant nearby and renewed every 2 days.  The warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulfur, giving it the milky blue hues that are so inviting to swim in and enjoy at temperatures averaging from 99-102 degrees F or 37-39 degrees C.  The spa regulates the mineral and salt content, matching the salinity of ocean water and minimizing the egg smell normally associated with geothermal sites. 


The drive there is intriguing, as you can see the lunar landscape with lava fields of black with green moss that go on and on endlessly.   I was left with a barren sense of bewilderment from these harsh conditions, while highly anticipating our blue destination.  Upon arrival we entered a black rock labyrinth, where we followed the path to the entrance.     After changing into your swim suit, you are required to shower and advised to put conditioner in your hair.  Tying up hair with a conditioning coat helps to minimize the temporary effect of coarsened hair from the heavy minerals.    I entered the water from inside that led to a door that opened to outside.  Floating around taking in the warmth and relaxation is very rejuvenating.  Many had applied silica mud masks to their face while in the waters.  Even though many people are in the lagoon, it is big with many coves and corners to indulge in a bit of privacy.   I floated around stopping to talk with my friends and just drift along by myself at times, taking in the atmosphere. 


Many people enjoy this experience with some alcoholic beverages, as there is a bar that you swim right up to and order.  You can order beers, wine or non-alcoholic beverages for refreshment.  I, personally, would not consider the alcohol because of its dehydrating effects in a warm environment.   But others seem to be able to pull this off and enjoy themselves.  Also, they have photographers on the edge of the lagoon taking free photos that they e-mail to you.  This is nice, as the only other way to get a photo would be to use a water-proof camera.   I took up the offer and had them take my photo and e-mail me it, of which I appreciated.


The healing properties of the Blue Lagoon, can be understood by knowing the benefits of the mineral, silica, that is abundant in this geothermal hotspot.  Silica is amazing for repairing connective tissue and collagen production.  As we age, the silica in our tissue decreases, so it becomes even more important for supplementation to slow the aging process.   This mineral is also good for strengthening hair and nails, helping them to grow faster.   This suggests that many with skin disorders or premature aging may be deficient in the mineral silica so tissue repair is slowed down, leading to skin disorders, such as, psoriasis.   Also, the necessity of silica for collagen production explains how it can slow the aging process, since the collagen is what holds us together.   A decrease in collagen production can lead to wrinkles, joint degeneration, brittle bones, hardening of the arteries, dry skin, weakened teeth/gums and atrophied organs.  Thus, it is apparent how supplementing silica to increase collagen production can benefit our skin, hair, nails, bones, teeth/gums, and arteries/veins for circulation.  Interestingly, silica has also shown abilities to eliminate aluminum from the body.  Aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, so its elimination is essential for longevity and good mental health.  Studies show that the average person intakes 20-60 mg of silica daily and results of supplementation with silica at 375 mg per day support its efficacy.  Foods that contain high amounts of silica are wheat, oats, barley, millet and potatoes. 


The other rich mineral at the Blue Lagoon is sulfur, the third most abundant mineral in the body.  Sulfur bonds are required for protein to maintain shape. Keratin is high in sulfur, giving connective tissue and cartilage flexibility.  Aging causes the flexible tissue to lose elasticity, leading to sagging and wrinkling skin, along with stiff muscles and painful joints.  Due to the demineralization of our soils many people are deficient in sulfur, thus, contributing to these age-related problems.  Fibrous, non-leafy vegetables are rich in sulfur, such as, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, mustard greens, onions, leeks, garlic, celery, fennel and asparagus. Other sulfur-rich foods include protein-rich animal products, nuts, seeds, dairy products and certain fruits, such as coconut, bananas, pineapple and watermelon.


Sulfur is also helpful for skin disorders, arthritis, heart disease and more.  Other supplements that are rich in sulfur are MSM or methylsulfonylmethane and Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), both renowned for their effectiveness in decreasing pain and stiffness.   Sulforaphane increases the activity of the liver's Phase 2 detoxification enzymes. These enzymes are well known for their ability to clear many toxic compounds from the body.


The mineral rich waters of the blue lagoon, abundant in silica and sulfur, are readily absorbed through your largest organ the skin, while bathing in this geothermal healing site.  When one understands the importance of these minerals in a modern world with processed foods and demineralized soils, one can see how swimming in these waters can help to replenish your bodies with minerals needed for health and longevity. 


From a Vibrational Medicine perspective, working with color therapy, it is interesting to consider the benefits of swimming in these turquoise waters, absorbing the wavelengths of the color into their own bodies and electromagnetic fields.  The Blue Lagoon’s colors do vary depending on time of year.  In the summer, due to algae bloom, the waters are more green.  Overall, at any time, the waters are in the blue-green spectrum.  Both the blue and green are cooling colors, good for inflammation with a soothing or relaxing effect.  Green is considered a neutral factor, indicated for tumors, cysts, and diabetes.  Blue is the color of peace and infinity… plus, the color for the pituitary gland and endocrine system.  Under the influence of blue light with radiation, warts disappear and is also excellent for hemorrhage, some heart diseases, hemorrhoids and insomnia/anxiety.


From an Astrovibrational Medicine perspective, the mineral silica corresponds with the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  Those with astrology charts having a strong Sagittarian influence, such as, through their rising, sun or moon often benefit from silica supplementation.  Also, in homeopathy from the 12 personality types, the Silica terra individuals may benefit from this mineral.  One could easily suspect that swimming in these silica rich pools can benefit and balance the Sagittarian types’ health by absorbing it through their largest organ, the skin.


I will conclude with a poem that I wrote to narrate my own surreal experience in these waters…


At Blue Lagoon


I feel the healing waters quell

my infrared flesh

into light from which I glow,

letting go

with the ethereal Mindstream…


My pain transcends into a dream

as foggy whispers

of a soft death.

I am a cloud, alight,

wafting…upon the sky,

reflecting upon the water a mantra

for love.


Emotions sense the aquamarine

as truth, absorbed

by my pale skin…

while bones shimmer the mineral

spectrum of light

amidst a black lava field.


I feel my stream

of consciousness flow

from the deep magma, with the

breeze sparkling upon

Samsara's ring…

Symbols emerge from

my heart like silica sparks

from the algae rocks, brightened

by electric breath into air… 


The souls awakens

as my ego sleeps in subtle currents,

resonating with haze…

as serenity soothes

the moment, feeling infinity

like a wave from the silver

tide upon the wake

of a blue death.




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