Astrology Consultations 1-2 hour sessions (in person or phone)

$120 one-hour session/$70 for each additional hour

All readings include a copy of the Astrology Chart and Digital Recording

  Phone or Virtual Readings Available

                        Life Purpose

As the Blueprint of the Soul, the Astrology Chart is an essential tool for guidance to aligning with one’s own life purpose.  The celestial language offers understanding and awareness about how to navigate our strengths and weaknesses to our highest self and path for deep fulfillment.  This service includes cyclical information on the planetary transits over the next year for planning and guidance.

The Astrology Chart can be used as a diagnostic tool for the body, mind and spirit.  Until the onset of modern medicine, Astrology was an integral part of medicine in the eastern and western worlds.    It takes a holistic approach to recognizing deep, emotional root causes, as well as basic constitutional issues.   Trudy draws upon her background in East Asian and Harmonic Medicine to balance health concerns with Astrology.  See the Acutonics section on Planet Medicine for innovative healing services available


In this profound service, we interpret the individual astrology charts, as well as the composite relationship chart. This brings an opportunity to elucidate awareness about strengths & weaknesses, that each person brings to the relationship,and guidance to  empower partners synergistically with understanding for a more holistic relationship. 


Ever wonder if a move or vacation could affect your destiny?  Astrolocality maps out the angular positions (most powerful locations) of the planets at your birth.  This tool  offers compelling guidance to power points worldwide that can affect your health, career, family/home and relationships and how these locations manifest your planetary energies.