Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal Element 
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  Five Elements 

  Guided Healing Meditations - 5 Elements

              East Asian Medicine Series

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Trudy has written and co-produced (with Eileen Dey and Musician, Michael Mercker) a 5 Element East Asian Medicine Series of Guided Healing Meditations.  These meditations take you on a journey through the 12 meridians according to East Asian Medicine.  The foundation of this ancient medicine is a 5 element system, connecting the body, mind and spirit into a cohesive whole.   The yin and yang paired organs correspond with a season, element, color, tone and emotion. These healing adventures include Taoist practices to balance the elements and emotions, such as, anger, hate, worry, grief or fear.   In Trudy's blog, there are 5 articles, each one about an element and its correspondences for more in depth information.  If interested in purchasing a MP3 download, you may visit this website's store.  

Element    Season         Organs             Emotions             Color           Tone      Sounds

Wood         Spring           Liver/               Anger/                 Green              E          SHHH

                                       Gallbladder      Decision-making

Fire          Summer        Heart/             Joy/Hatred             Red                 G          HAWW

                                   Small Intestine

Earth   Late Summer Spleen/                 Worry                 Yellow           C            WHOO


Metal      Autumn            Lung/          Grief/Sadness        White             D            SSSSS 

                                     Large Intestine

Water     Winter       Kidney/Bladder       Fear                Blue/Black       A           WOOO