Teaching Testimonials

All of the knowledge Trudy has compiled and put on paper/charts for her students in her Astrology and Vibrational Healing class is reason alone to attend. Priceless. She does a great job catering to each individuals birth chart while simultaneously teaching the overarching philosophies.  Sarah F.    


I thoroughly enjoyed the astrology class that I took recently with Trudy. It was a crash course in chart reading!  Being very new to astrology, I benefited from the broad overview that was given. I also appreciated the community aspect of the group class. I look forward to diving in deeper! –Karen A.


I attended Trudy's workshop on Astrology and Vibrational Healing.  There was so much valuable material given and squeezed within a 2 hour session, so the time dedicated to attending was well worth it.  During this workshop, I picked up extremely useful information on how to read my own birth chart.  In addition, I learned a lot about other Astro signs’ personalities. And most importantly, I gained knowledge on what medical conditions are more likely to affect each Astro sign . I highly recommend any of Trudy's workshops.  She explains in a simple, clear manner, is patient, and gracious.   -Angela

I highly recommend Trudy Wendelin's Reiki & the 5 elements class in the Reiki training program.
Trudy is very personable and shares her knowledge as an acupuncturist & Reiki Master blending them both beautifully. She is passionate about her subject and gives each student time to grasp it as she guides her students through a deep subject which takes years in acupuncture school. Trudy allows us to ask multiple questions and brings insight & understanding showing us practical uses in our own Reiki practices.   –Heather M.


My name is Jeffrey and I am a LMP attuned to Reiki 3. I had some education in 5 element theory in massage school but this class really helped me to deepen my understanding thereof. Trudy has a beautiful flow and a vast array of knowledge, which she shares joyously with her students. One of the biggest things I require as a student is a compassionate teacher, and Trudy exemplifies that. What she calls tangents are really aspects of understanding to color the difficult aspects of traditional Chinese Medicine that are harder for people who grew up on western understandings of the physical and spiritual world. The flow of energy through the meridians and the quality of element correspondence with the body give any Reiki practitioner more tools and appreciation for helping others through their healing touch. I would highly recommend both this class and its teacher to anyone, as they are both wonderful!