As a third world country, Nepal is rated as the 12th poorest (economically) country in the world.  With more than 85% of the population being rural, providing proper healthcare for Nepalese people has been difficult.  There is no health insurance, HIPAA or socialized medicine. 

Dzi: Himalayan bead that bestows health & protection upon wearer


Healthcare costs, however, with clinics like ARP and western medical healthposts, there is a rise for more free healthcare in these remote areas.   As is often th...

May 29, 2018

Within the ARP clinic model, Acupuncture Physicians are expected to be primary care practitioners.  We are given kits with the medical tools to make these primary care assessments.  Most of our patients are not in a doctor’s care, and we are the ones to refer for medical needs beyond acupuncture and herbal medicine. 


For new patients or ones that display red flags the Acupuncturist assesses blood pressure, glucose levels, vitals, ears, nose or throat, and perf...

“Namaste, from the top of the world!” blasted the radio speakers at 8 am, outside the Acupuncture Relief Project (ARP) Clinic in the farming village of Bajra Barahi, Nepal, with 20 patients waiting outside.   As an American Acupuncture Physician, I delved into this unique opportunity to volunteer for Nepal’s ARP in March-April, 2018.   After giving 585 acupuncture treatments, my mind and heart have expanded to a whole new world that I warmly embrace with awe.

The ARP site setting, in a traditional farmin...

“Nepal is there to change you, not for you to change it. Lose yourself in its essence.  Make your footprints with care and awareness of the precarious balance around you.  Take souvenirs in your mind and spirit, not in your pockets. Nepal is not only a place on the map but an experience, a way of life from which we all can learn.”  -Anonymous

As an American Acupuncture volunteer for Acupuncture Relief Project (ARP) in Nepal, I stepped into an eastern culture that is a distant shadow of my own, regarding...


For years, I have been going to , exploring the opportunity of volunteering my acupuncture services with them in Nepal.   In March-April 2018, this became a reality. After 2 months and 585 acupuncture treatments, I gained significant perspective about this project.  This starts off a series of 5...

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