Kava kava (Piper methysticum) is an herbal medicine; that’s also experiential, especially during a traditional South Pacific Kava Ceremony.  In the modern world, anyone can buy it as a supplement, ensuring its calming properties.  However, I believe the communal connection in the south pacific winds as the essence of the traditional ceremony, enhances Kava’s healing effects.

First, I will briefly explain Kava’s health benefits, and then I will tell my spontaneous Kava story on Dravuni Island, Fiji.  Kava is a...

As an Acupuncturist-at-Sea, working on Holland America Cruise Line, I’ve had the splendid opportunity to visit the Dutch, Caribbean island, Curacao many times.   It is visibly north of Venzuela on a clear day and part of the island trilogy known as the ABC’s, along with Bonaire and the more well known, Aruba.   This island refreshingly surprises me with each visit from inspirations about its unique heritage.   Previously, I wrote a blog on the Aloe Vera plantation in Curacao called Curaloe.  My most recent discov...

When travelling in the southern Caribbean islands,  Aruba and Curacao, one can easily lose themselves in the tradewinds that take you to the beautiful blue beaches.  However, there is another venue well worth exploring beyond the touristy areas: the aloe vera plantations.   As an East Asian Medicine Practitioner, I am aware of aloe vera’s healing properties as defined in the Chinese Materia Medica of Herbal Medicine.  When I visited the Curaloe store in Curacao, I felt caught up in their store’s healing message a...

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