1. PAIN


I was fortunate to use the services of Trudy.  Having suffered back and leg pain for several years, I found I couldn’t tolerate pain medicine.  I was surprised when just after my first treatment, I could stand without pain running down my back and left leg.  I understand that most people have to go through several acupuncture sessions to find relief, but Trudy helped me from the beginning.  All my doubts I had about acupuncture are gone.  I am pain-free now.    –Shirley T.


I decided to try acupuncture for relief of a severe case of sciatica in my right buttocks and right leg that caused so much pain, making it difficult to sleep.  Five sessions were provided over a 2-week period.  The pain subsided after the first session and I looked forward to additional treatments that very quickly exceeded my expectations.  The sciatic pain was gone!  In addition, Trudy used acupuncture to provide relief from pain and swelling due to other medical problems.      -Jim R.


From a pinched sciatic nerve, I couldn’t sit on soft chairs without having to get up due to pain and cramps in left leg and buttocks.  I’ve always been a believer in Acupuncture, but I was amazed that it only took 2 sessions to relieve all my pain.  Now, enjoying being able to sit without pain and can even lift my leg.  I know Acupuncture doesn’t work like a magic pill, but for me, I haven’t had to take any more pain killer medication.      –Heather B.


After navigating Seattle’s steep hills, my sciatica reminded me that it was still around.  I couldn’t walk and needed to be pushed in a wheelchair.  After the first acupuncture session with Dr. Trudy most of my pain was alleviated.  I did receive 2 more treatments and I have been able to participate on shore excursions on the Hawaiian ports and I am back to walking a mile every morning.  Thanks to the triumvirate of acupuncture, Dr. Trudy and acupressure.  I am able to walk with no pain.

Beatrice, New York, NY


Knee Pain

I went in limping and came out walking after the 2nd treatment!  My knee improved back to 95% function after 3 treatments.  I was sceptical at first, but now I’m a believer in the value of acupuncture.  Trudy is a skilled, professional, and a gentle, caring practitioner. –Nancy C.

I had a fall, causing damage to my knee to the point that it was difficult to walk.   Doctors put me on lots of medicine, with no improvement.  I had feel sessions with Trudy and could feel a difference straight away!  I am definitely a new believer in Acupuncture, as I can now walk and go the gym pain FREE!!! Trudy is truly a sensational person and an expert in her field and I’m truly grateful for her help!  -Sophie R.


When I came to see Trudy, I was using a walker after a fall which was preceded by 2 full knee replacements in 8 months.   The pain in my knees consisted of a tremendous amount of knee tenderness with several very sharp areas of pain.  I spent the 3 prior weeks in physical therapy with some improvement in mobility, but little improvement in pain level.  I sought out acupuncture in desperation.  After 3 treatments, I stopped using my walker.  I could tell that my gait improved.  Trudy is professional, empathetic and is willing to educate.  I only wish I could take Trudy home with me to continue treatments.   Louise A.


I have suffered from knee problems for many years-an old injury.  Since my acupuncture treatment (3 visits), I can now walk up more than 2 flight of stairs without having to stop and “click” my knee out straight.  I can also sit with my knee bent without having to stand up and “click” it out.  At last I can go to bed at night without having an aching knee, thanks to Trudy’s treatments.      –Patricia D.


Back Pain:

I was in near constant pain & extremely limited in my mobility, when I first came to see Trudy for acupuncture.  Pain was at severity level 10/10.  I am now almost pain-free, with a severity level 0-2.  I am more mobile & extremely happy with Trudy’s treatment.  I also developed difficulty urinating over the last year.  Trudy was able to rectify this and now I am urinating normally.       -Victor R.


I had back pain due to a muscle contraction in my lower back on 1 side for 12 months.  Dr’s dismissed it as “just from a bulging disc.”  My gluteal muscles had  also been contracted for 12 months.   After my first acupuncture treatment with Trudy, my pain lessened and shifted.  Following the second treatment, I had to search for the sore spot.  I have now had the third treatment and promise myself that now the pain is gone.  Thanks Trudy.    –Nancy C.


The acupuncture treatment reduced my pain and discomfort in my back and shoulders.  By the third treatment, I was pain-free.  Very relaxing!  I am off pain meds.    –Ray G.


I have had pain in my back since I fractured it 40 years ago.  My knees have given me pain for the last 2 years.  When I boarded the ship, my knees were giving me so much trouble I was in the process of ascertaining the possibility of hiring a mobility scooter at each port of call.  I was impressed with Trudy Wendelin’s seminar and signed up for 5 acupuncture sessions.  I have completed 4 sessions with 1 to go and I have no pain in my legs or back.  I haven’t felt better for years and I can’t believe how good life can be without pain.  –David Y.


I was unfortunate enough to have hurt my back during the cruise.  I was in agony, sitting, lying down, walking and most of all getting back up again was absolute torture.  One of my fellow passengers recommended that I see Trudy, but having had acupuncture once before years ago I was a bit sceptical, as this person did hurt.  Trudy is very professional and friendly.  She has a manner that shows that she enjoys her work and this time the needles didn’t hurt.  I don’t have the dreadful pain anymore and I am so happy.  I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who has pain.  To you Trudy, I thank you so very much-I was able to enjoy the rest of my cruise with pain.  –Ann G.


Trudy, I want to thank you for making my cruise pain-free.  I had been to a lot of other treatments for at least 1.5 years to help solve the pain my back.  At the start of the cruise, I came to you and had acupuncture.  It has been so nice to be pain-free due to the acupuncture.     –Julie F.


Neck Pain/Bone Spurs

I have suffered from neck pain for over a year, with an x-ray showing degeneration and bone spurs/osteophytes.  I had treatments for 8 months at a chiropractic clinic, but was still in a lot of pain.  I never had acupuncture before, but after attending a seminar by Trudy, I signed up.  The difference has been amazing and the pain has been reduced greatly.  I can highly recommend the excellent treatment given to me by Trudy Wendelin.  Thank you.    -Lorna E.


I would like to compliment and recommend Trudy, the acupuncturist.  8 weeks prior to acupuncture, I received an epidural for 2 bulging discs in my neck.  The epidural brought me down from a pain level of 8/10 to a 2, but I was still having pain.  After my first acupuncture treatment, my pain level went to 0!!! I was amazed.   I have been able to go zip-lining, river tubing for the first time in weeks.  I felt “normal” and my neck was not in pain!  Kudos to Trudy and her work.  I appreciate her skill and I thank her for her expertise!   -Anne Y.


After having a sore, stiff neck for several years, I visited Trudy for a total of 5 treatments.  The pain has gone and neck movement no longer hurt.     –Glen E.


Spinal Arthritis

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis of the spine, the pain of which twisted my torso so I could no longer stand up straight.  Osteopathy helped greatly over the years, but suddenly when preparing for this cruise, the symptoms struck again.  After a consultation with Trudy, I signed up for 5 acupuncture sessions, accompanying course of herbs.  By session 3, I noticed a definite improvement-my pain was decreasing!  I’ve now had 4 acupuncture sessions and feel like the ‘old’ me.  I can stand tall, pull my shoulders back, pull in stomach muscles and lift my feet as high as I want, and without pain.  I’ve been absolutely pain-free for more than a week and can participate in all the swimming, walking, dancing and climbing activities that I like.  2 months ago I would’ve consigned Acupuncture to the “Quackery” side of medical treatments,but now I’m convinced.       -Brenda  A.


Shoulder Pain/Bursitis/Frozen Shoulder:

As a physician & surgeon who endorses acupuncture for neurological/musculo-skeletal pain, but never experienced the treatment, I can say Trudy did an excellent job, concentrating on a specific orthopaedic issue, freeing up my shoulder & alleviating pain as well as increasing my range of motion.  It is great to know what I have endorsed for my patients works so well.

John, Billings, MT


I have had a “Frozen Shoulder” for the last 2 years.  I did physical therapy and made some progress, but had limited mobility.  After the first Acupuncture treatment-just a demo-I had significantly more pain free mobility. After 5 treatments I have close to full movement of my arm.  I am glad I tried Acupuncture since I had given up on other treatments. 

Lynne, Madison, WI


Suffering from bursitis in right shoulder and a flare-up from hiatus hernia.  After just 1 session the stomach discomfort subsided and after 3 sessions the pain in shoulder 98% disappeared.  Best of all, there was no pain involved in the treatment, just a little discomfort in some spots.  Would suggest everyone give it a try!     -Marion E.


I have recurring muscular problems of the neck, back and currently shoulder caused by poor posture and work all day in front of the computer.  After a significant consultation with Trudy, I decided to do 3 acupuncture sessions.  By the second treatment, there was s significant improvement in the mobility of my shoulder in that I could fully extend my arm horizontally without pain.  After treatment 3, the mobility and relief was such that I could easily move the arm in a vertical to horizontal arc.  Trudy did a good job!!!  -Kevin V.


Arm Pain: 

The 3 acupuncture treatments relieved the severe and moderate pain in my left and right triceps, respectively.  Now, 6 days after treatment, these pains have not recurred.  I found Trudy to be an outstanding therapist who listened to my issues responding pain and was able to narrow the focus of treatments to the appropriate areas to provide maximum relief.  She was very professional in her approach and therapy.     –Steve R.


Leg Pain:

My pain in my left upper leg was making it difficult to sit down and in desperation I tried acupuncture.  After 1 treatment the pain was greatly reduced, and after the second treatment it was completely gone.  It was almost a miraculous cure and enabled me to not miss any ports of call.  I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone experiencing pain.    –Judy Y.


Hip Pain

I injured my right hip about 3 weeks prior to my acupuncture treatment.  It was a muscle injury & possible tendinitis of the hamstring.  I was unable to walk more than a few yards before the pain was so severe that I had to stop.  I had to use a wheelchair.  After (1)!! Treatment, I was able to walk with no pain.  The second treatment provided continuing relief.  So thankful for Trudy and her acupuncture skills.        –Patricia A


I was hurting from a right hip.  My doctor recommended that I get a hip replacement.  I decided to give acupuncture with Trudy a go, after attending her seminar.  After the 1st treatment I was able to walk better.  Then after the 2nd treatment, I was actually pain-free.  The 3rd treatment had me wondering if there was anything wrong with my hip at all. –Gene I


I am very happy with the acupuncture for my hip.  The pain in so much less.

I could not walk without a cane before, now I can.  I am very impressed.   –Maria Z.


Foot Pain (Swelling)/Neuropathy:

Thank you, Trudy, for introducing me to acupuncture.  The best part of it is how it helped my feet neuropathy.  Since my sessions I can now feel my feet and know when I’m wiggling my toes.  My feet feel so much better and I feel my balance has improved.  It was a pleasure to meet you Trudy. 

Susan, Phoenix, AZ


Pain in both feet from diabetic neuropathy, severe enough to wake me at night while I slept.  After the first treatment a considerable amount of pain went away.  After the second treatment ALL pain went away!  Today, after the third treatment, my feet are as close to normal that I can remember in years.  Thank you Trudy Wendelin.  You gave me my feet back!    -Jerry T.


After each treatment I noticed a considerable improvement in the movement of my foot.  A bonus of the treatment was less pain in my back.  I have been able to walk with less drop of my foot-pain level in back much improved. Thanks Trudy!     -Thirley Y.


I had  a damaged left foot for some months.  I was pleased to see an amazing result of reduced swelling and pain within 2 treatments.  After finishing the course, my shoe was fitting easily again and I was walking normally.    –Lily U.


Toe Pain:

I have had pain and swelling in my toe joint for years, trying PT as well as ice for temporary relief.  Acupuncture and electro-stimulation has given me better and longer lasting relief than anything else.  I walked 4 miles each day and danced so I know I put stress on my feet but am feeling much more comfortable and plan to follow up when I return home. –Linda B.



Started treatment with a great deal of pain.  Finished treatments with hardly any pain.  The acupuncture really works and Trudy really knows what she is doing.  A really good and pain releasing experience.     –Ramona D.


Post Car Accident Pain

I had auto mobile accident earlier this year.  I had so much pain all over:  headache, muscle pain in leg, arm, ribs, etc.  I was very happy after second treatment with Trudy.  My pain was gone.  I will continue with more follow-up treatments.  Even today, 1 month later, I have no pain.  I thank god and I thank Trudy.  Thank-you Trudy again for being a good person and good acupuncturist.     –Moon K.


Muscle Cramps/Hot Flashes:

When I came to see Trudy, I suffered at night from cramps all over and sometimes severe hot flashes.  After the first 2 treatments, the hot flashes are gone.  In addition, I haven’t had any cramps since starting acupuncture.  This is extremely beneficial to me, as I now have less interruption to my sleep and this gives me a better lifestyle.  While first very sceptical of this form of treatment, I am now a firm believer.  Well done!!   -Charles C.


Post-Chemotherapy Arthritis

Having the early onset of arthritis following chemotherapy and follow-up drugs nothing seemed to bring relief.  Have been on medication which helped at times, but after 3 sessions of acupuncture I have felt the best I have been in months.  I guess it proves that there are always alternatives to try.


Post Surgery Recovery:

I had my 3 week post-op visit with my surgeon. The x-rays and swelling in my foot looked great! He said the swelling is down to levels they typically don't see until 6-7 weeks. I've been getting acupuncture 3x/week with Trudy and taking Chinese herbs. I'm so glad we could show the surgeon the power of Chinese medicine. Go team acupuncture!!!   -Sandy B.

Trigeminal Neuralgia: 

I have had Trigeminal Neuralgia for 6 years.  Trudy treated me after a severe episode and brought me from a pain level of 12/10 to almost nothing.  She is marvellous!!    Lynne A.


I came on to the ship with Trigeminal Neuralgia and was taking extra-strength pain killers.  After the second acupuncture treatment with Trudy, the pain had eased.  I didn’t need any more pain killers after the 5th treatment, as I was 80% pain free.  Now after 6th treatment, I get mild pain occasionally.  Acupuncture has enabled me to enjoy my cruise.  Thank you so very much, Trudy.  P.S.  Trudy also treated me for motion sickness with acupuncture, which also worked wonders.    –Glena C.


Sprained Ankle: 

I came on board with an exceptionally and worsening sprained ankle over 2 weeks.  I had never tried acupuncture and was very sceptical.  However, after the first treatment, about 75% of the pain was gone.  After 4 treatments I had little or no pain or limping, feeling 99% resolved.  I am now a firm believer of acupuncture for a variety of physical problems.-Cole I.



It has been a real pleasure meeting Trudy and being treated by her.  I was sceptical, the CPA that I am, but have been pleasantly surprised with the improvement.  I could not clinch my left fist previously.  Now, after 4 treatments, the pain has been reduced and flexibility has improved such that I can now make a tight fist with my left hand.  I love the results.  I recommend that anyone give himself or herself a chance with Trudy and they will surely be a believer.  I am!!!!      -Sue R.


When I boarded the ship I was in a lot of pain from arthritis related problems in my hand.  Medication alone was not helping.  After Trudy’s seminar, I booked 5 appointments.  By the 3rd, there was definite improvement & after 5th the pain was hardly noticeable.  I had more flexibility and use of my hand.  Weeks later my hand is still maintaining and the pain has not returned.  Trudy’s concern, efforts and expertise in pain management allowed me to have an enjoyable cruise.  Thank you so much, Trudy!    -Fran S.


Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Trudy has worked wonders with her acupuncture after just 2 sessions, especially my hands and ankles are less painful and swollen.  I wish I had visited Trudy sooner to get even more benefits from her amazing expertise and professionalism.  I have had acupuncture before, but never have I had such good results or been so impressed as I have with Trudy.  Long may she continue to practice her healing profession.   –Julia R.



My experience has been wonderful.  My left foot was extremely painful, making walking uncomfortable and painful.  Acupuncture has been a painless, relaxing experience.  My foot is now pain-free and am so glad I was open to try acupuncture.  We have done many excursions without any pain.  I would definitely recommend this to others with similar problems.  –Susan G.


                                                                              2.  NEUROLOGICAL/BRAIN DISORDERS

Multiple Sclerosis:

I’m a 60 yr old man with M.S.   I had very severe pain in neck and back (pain level 9/10)  I had Dr. Wendelin do acupuncture to me.  Upon leaving her office, my pain has decreased to level 2.  I went back 4 days later for another session for back up.  This does work and very well!  I will use this type of acupuncture again.  If this didn’t work my cruise would have not been enjoyable.  Thank-you Dr. Wendelin for being there.  P.S. She also treated me for “heat” from M.S. that helped a lot.     –Douglas T.



After 2 strokes 3 months ago, I have had trouble with left hand dexterity & flexibility.  Due to lack of information in UK, I never tried acupuncture.  Acupuncture increased my flexibility/dexterity of left hand.  After third treatment, I could spread fingers apart and lift for first time since stroke.  Also, I could sign name for first time.  On the basis of my 4 acupuncture sessions, I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone who has had a stroke to do acupuncture for improvement in flexibility and dexterity.     –Walter T.


Parkinson’s Disease

My acupuncture experience aboard the ship was most relaxing and quieted my Parkinson’s hand tremors temporarily.  The most significant result from my 3 acupuncture treatments was a noticeable improvement in my balance and a reduction in some of my symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

I found Trudy to be most competent and professional in executing the insertion of the needles and in creating a most calming, soothing environment throughout all of the acupuncture sessions.  Additionally, the pressure being exerted ta specific pressure point on the bottom of each foot helped with my ability to spread my toes and thus improve my balance when walking or standing as well. 

I would recommend the acupuncture treatment to anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and is experiencing difficulty maintaining balance when standing or walking.  –Dennis R


                                                                         3. MENTAL DISORDERS/STRESS/WELL-BEING

Alzheimer’s Disease

I felt that my husband who has Alzheimer’s benefited from acupuncture in 2 main ways: 

  • He was able to focus better, being able to work out for himself why he was in a certain place and how he got there.

  • It has kept him calmer and more able to cope with challenging situations.Previously, when he had become confused and anxious he would either behave badly or become agitated.–Patricia F.


Bipolar Depression:

I found Trudy’s treatment most efficacious for my mental ailments and my digestive problems.  She has a true healer’s touch, and I found her acupuncture techniques to provide the soothing transformation my troubled soul needed.  She is nothing short of a miracle worker.  –Julianne R.



Trudy is a very professional and an excellent acupuncturist.  She takes the time to listen to you, to find the root of your personal ailments.  I will recommend her to anyone and everyone.  Trudy is truly a gifted and sensitive to her patient’s needs.  She brings insight and compassion to every aspect of her practice.  Trudy should be anyone’s first step in charting a course back to health.  I leave with a healthier and happier feeling.    –Stan B.


Stress Relief

I had no previous experience of acupuncture prior to this journey.  My first session when I was still the “hamster on the wheel” state was remarkable.  I had not experienced anything so effective in creating a relaxed state before.  This opened my eyes and was followed by another session which physically produced significant relief of a lot of built up fluids within me. 

Trudy is a great person-a centered practitioner and has a great gift in providing effective treatments and feedback, which can start transformation in body & mind.  This has truly convinced me that many modern day diseases and conditions can be improved with this and other similar interventions.   –Ian R.



I have been a sufferer of insomnia for about I year.  I have tried many different kinds of treatments to no avail, until I met Trudy.  After 3 treatments, I could fall asleep instantly and have a good 8 hours of restful sleep, resulting in me feeling revitalized.  Trudy performs the best treatments to suit your personal needs, combining it with Chinese herbal medicines for the best possible outcome.  I found Trudy to be professional and friendly, making you feel at ease in a relaxed environment.  So, thank-you Trudy.     –Jill S.


Quit Smoking

Being a heavy smoker for 15 years of about 20 cigarettes/day, I knew I would need some extra help to quit.  I cut back from 20 per day to 5/day for about 5 days.  Before under-going acupuncture, having the will power to quit was a struggle.  Acupuncture made the cravings less stressful and me more successful in quitting.  Trudy’s professional and friendly willingness to help me made me feel at ease making the next step.  Acupuncture definitely helps to make quitting a lot easier.     –Craig T.




































































































































































































































































































































                                                                          4. Menopausal Symptoms


Hot Flashes and Night Sweats:

I decided to try acupuncture mainly for symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and night sweats.  After only 2 sessions, I am extremely pleased with the results.  The daily hot flashes and night sweats have stopped.  I can highly recommend any woman of menopausal age to try acupuncture; you will be amazed and pleased from the results.  –Phyllis S.


Trudy and her wonderful knowledge vanished my hot flashes after only 3 treatments!  I have suffered from those for 10 years.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Trudy has a gift that I feel so fortunate to have shared in her gift and gentle touch.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Trudy. 

  –Judy A.


Sceptical but desperate, I decided to try acupuncture for relief from hot flashes.  Through the 3 treatments provided by Trudy my hot flashes were reduced from 8 times a day to once a day.  Trudy has prescribed Chinese Herbs that I plan to take home to bring me complete relief.      –Valencia B.


                                                                    5.  Digestive Disorders



Having a problem with constipation for the past 2 -3 months, after my third treatment-success!  Don’t want to be gross, but I finally had normal stools.

Treatments are very relaxing.  I fell asleep during the treatments.  I hope to continue acupuncture at home.      –Becky D.


I would like to testify that I had trouble with digestive problems-severe constipation, and numbness/pins and needles in fingers.   Both of these complaints have been a wonderful result-constipation no more and fingers back to normal.  I would highly recommend this treatment for my ailments.    –Christine R.



I would just like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Trudy, as without her help my first cruise experience could have been one that I definitely wouldn’t want to

repeat!!  The first day across the Bay of Biscay was awful.  I awoke at about 4 am feeling quite ill and by 11 am was feeling very poorly.  After the acupuncture treatment, I felt vastly improved and by the evening was able to enjoy a full dinner and drink!  Since the acupuncture treatment, I have not suffered with seasickness again, and will definitely be having acupuncture before my next cruise, as I am fully converted!! Thanks again, Trudy.


                                                                                                 6.     RESPIRATORY DISORDERS



When I came to see Trudy for acupuncture, I had been suffering from an acute case of bronchitis for about 6 months.  My doctor had prescribed several rounds of antibiotics and prednisone and nothing had helped.  I had a really bad cough and was extremely short of breath, not being able to walk very much.  My husband pushed me to try acupuncture-I’m so glad he did. I’m 95% better than 30 days ago.  I’ve been able to walk on tours without getting winded.  My cough has almost disappeared-it doesn’t wake me up at night.  I can sit through shows without coughing and making people around me uncomfortable.  I plan on continuing acupuncture for maintenance.    

Peggy, Surprise, AZ



I can recommend acupuncture to anyone who has suffered like I have with sinusitis.  After the 1st treatment with Trudy, I found that I could breathe easier, had less sneezing episodes & was able to sleep better at night.  Trudy also helped with my stress levels, as I recently lost my husband due to illness.  Having the acupuncture over a period of 10 weeks certainly made a big difference to my well-being.   –Pam A.



I have had my first experience with acupuncture.  I suffered with a very bad cough that kept me awake at night, but after 1 acupuncture session with Trudy that started breaking up.  Also my sinuses have been blocked and a surgeon was going to scrape them out.  But 5 sessions with Trudy, seems to have cleared them.  My circulation has also been improved, so very happy with the results.  Thank you, Trudy.   –Steve C.


                                                                                                                     7. OTHER


Benign Essential Tremor

I have had acupuncture during this cruise and have found that it has made a big difference in my writing (but not my spelling).  My tremor was very severe at the beginning of the trip to the point, that I couldn’t write or sign anything without having a hard time reading what I wrote.  Now it is so much better I can’t believe it and my writing is readable.    -Anita C.



My wife was not feeling well and the antibiotics prescribed did not work.  The treatment that turned my wife’s health around was acupuncture done by Trudy.  Trudy was professional, extremely proficient and caring.  She was the catalyst for my wife & I both enjoying the second half of the cruise immensely. Thank you Trudy very much as your efforts are greatly appreciated. -Alice & Greg T.


Kidney Infection: 

In the past I have had several kidney infections, & while on the cruise I developed blood in my urine and pain in my left kidney.  I was commenced on antibiotics and acupuncture treatments with Trudy the same day.  Within a few days, I was feeling much better.  There was no blood in my urine, and I no longer had pain in my kidney region.  Comparing this time with previous kidney infections, I felt that the acupuncture treatments, which Trudy gave me, helped me make a quicker recovery.  Thank you, Trudy.


Tooth Abscess

I came to Trudy originally to try to relieve the pain from my abscess for several days.  I had just 1 acupuncture session with Trudy and within 24 hours, the swelling had gone, the pain had dispersed and the abscess was gone!  Before the treatment I was very sceptical about acupuncture, but now I am sold and will always try it before western medicine in the future.   -James D.


Vertigo/Water Retention: 

In a consultation with Trudy, we discussed my 2 types of Vertigo-BPPV and VV- and water retention in hands and feet that become very swollen in the heat, making it uncomfortable to walk for too long.  I still don’t really understand how acupuncture works, but after only 2 treatments I was truly feeling the benefits.  It was so effective.  I could walk the long corridor to my stateroom without visual disturbance and change my position without feeling dizzy or nauseous.  Even more astounding, I was able to go walking on the shore excursions in sand discomfort of swollen hands and feet.  Trudy has a friendly and very professional approach.  She is skilful and knowledgeable and I ome very high te

can assure anyone thinking of trying acupuncture for their own problems that it really does not hurt!  From my experience, I would thoroughly recommend that you ask Trudy’s help.  I’m so glad I did.          –Lynne E.


Trudy has made a true believer of me with the benefits of acupuncture.  I came aboard and quickly developed vertigo.  I met Trudy who treated the vertigo, shoulder pain and digestive issues very successfully.  No medical doctor could find a reason for balance/vertigo problems, shoulder pain or digestive issues for the past 5 years.  In 3 sessions I feel like a new woman.  Trudy is talented and very well-versed in Acupuncture.     –Teresa Z.


Restless Leg Syndrome

I received acupuncture treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome and arthritis (hands, sacro-iliac).  Relief was such that I am able to sleep undisturbed through the night.   –Georgina C


For many years I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome and tried many “cures.”  After a free consultation with Trudy, I decided to do a series of acupuncture treatments for my condition.  The first treatment had noticeable effects, and from each treatment, I gradually improved my ability to sit through the show on board, and have a more relaxed sleep.  After the 5th session, I no longer had to squirm around when sitting at shows, and my sleep was no longer interrupted by kicking, spasms or pain.  I am now feeling much better both physically and mentally, including some other pain relief which was a bonus.  I would recommend a series of treatments to anyone who has chronic conditions like mine. –Wayne



After sunbathing in July 1984, all of my skin recovered from a sunburn except my nose.  In the 28 years since then, the whole of my nose has been an extremely red color (rosacea).  I had resigned myself to living forever with this.  No amount of creams or ointments had made a difference.

In 2012 I decided to try acupuncture with Trudy.  She described the rosacea as “trapped heat” from the sunburn.  After several treatments, I have been amazed at the success.  The acupuncture has gradually released the trapped heat.  With the disappearance of the rosacea, I now have the nose of my childhood returned to my face.    –Declan A.



Wow!  Acupuncture with Trudy not only helped with my sea-sickness, but with my tension and also feel it helped with my sex drive at 48 years old.  I highly recommend and say “Go for it,” you will want to find a Trudy when you get home.    –Billie R.