Trudy is a Certified Esogetics Colorpuncture Practitioner.  She trained with Dr. Rosemary Bourne, the co-founder of Colorpuncture, USA.  Her primary focus is using the colored light or acu-light along with Sound therapies, crystals and essential oils.  This is a wonderful opportunity to have acupuncture without needles and experience true Vibrational Medicine.  Colorpuncture is used for emotional and spiritual issues, as well as pain and other physical disharmonies.  Many people experience profound shifts in consciousness following their first treatment using light and sound.             


Colorpuncture is truly the medicine of the future, as we are all becoming aware we are vibrational beings, emanating from magnetic fields that emit certain colors and frequencies.  Using color and light with sound takes a quantum leap with medicine to the resonance of the future...


Colorpuncture originated over 35 years by the German naturopath, Dr. Peter Mandell, with over 35 years of empirical research. Many ancient cultures, including the Chinese, Eastern Indians, Greeks and Egyptians knew the healing properties of light and color.  There are many indications that these techniques were especially highly evolved in ancient Egypt.  Light is the sum total of all colors, whether visible or invisible.  In Chinese Medicine the 5 elements and their corresponding organs and emotions correspond with certain colors.  Likewise, in Ayurvedic medicine, the 7 chakras match the unique spectral hues.