Online Apothecary and "Food as Medicine"


Trudy is licensed by the NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board, allowing her to prescribe Chinese Herbs in most of the 50 states.   Her approach is versatile with herbal remedies.  Besides prescribing concoctions or supplements, she may apply essential oils to specific Acupuncture points or as Aromatherapy.  Trudy is educated in Western and Eastern Nutrition, recommending “Food as Medicine” for her patients. 


True Winds Healing offers an online Apothecary/Dispensary for patients with a wide variety of discounted Herbal Medicines and Supplements with Emerson Ecologics. It is the premier resource for professional-grade nutritional supplements to the integrative healthcare community.  Emerson Ecologics offers thousands of products from over 275 of the world’s top brands to ensure it can be the single source for all a professional’s needs.

The slide show (left) encompasses Trudy's Botanical Medicine Photography.  Scroll the picture for plant name.     Herbal Medicine is also an ancient branch of Medical Astrology, with plants and planets corresponding to holistic remedies, based on the Astrology Chart.

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                        From Culpeper's Complete Herbal and English Physician